Oliver Edwards

A British/Danish Filmmaker & Architect

Hi, Oliver here. I’m currently writing a screenplay and experimenting with cinematography. My curiosity for films is driven by cinematography and production design, the creation of images that combine light and space. I have an MA in architecture and have spent much time with design, studying light and how it affects physical space which has led to my original study team and I to being nominated for a RIBA award for our work with experimental bamboo architecture in India. As a musician, I’ve working sound/visual design and music composition with my small music/film group “Rounder’s in the Rain”. Also, I have a decent amount of freelance experience with graphic and architectural design for various campaigns and private projects. With many different interests and projects that I’ve taken on I’ve spent much time in the past attempting to make ends meet and to me, film and cinema combines all my interests and skills into one great adventure.

With my experience being comprised of many different mediums that all relate to the creation of films, I’ve gained a great appreciation and respect for all the different people and skills involved with telling a story with moving images. When not writing or working to create films, I dork around with lenses, light. Having recently moved to Oslo, I seek new projects and collaborations, specifically work with cinematography, light and production design. On the side I’m sketching ideas for a screenwriter’s community in Oslo—shoot me an email if you’d like to meet up.

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